Poop Stoops FAQ

  Why should I use a Poop Stoop?  I totally poop fine already!

It takes only a small amount of research (or about one minute of listening to someone bragging about their squat stool) to find out how much better off you are squatting when you poop instead of sitting.  People squat to poop faster and easier, to more fully empty their bowels, and to help reduce constipation and hemorrhoids.


  What height should my Poop Stoop be?  Is it better to fully squat or to partially squat?

Inside your body, your puborectalis muscle forms a sling around the lower portion of your rectum, helping to hold the poop inside your body.  When you squat, the pressure this muscle exerts is reduced, allowing your poop to be expelled more easily.  The further you squat, the easier the poop can flow.

However, not everyone is comfortable fully squatting.  If you are comfortable fully squatting (preferable flat-footed, with your butt barely off the ground) then a full height Poop Stoop is perfect for you.  If not, then you should choose a shorter model that is as high as you are comfortable using while sitting.


  Can’t I just stand on the toilet to squat?

Please don’t stand on the rim of a sitting-style toilet!  This is VERY dangerous and can damage the toilet.  Squatting with Poop Stoop is much easier and safer.


  How often should I use my Poop Stoop?  Should I use it for peeing too?

Your Poop Stoop can help you to poop more awesome every time you go, allowing you to more fully empty your bowels.  Squatting is also great for urinating, helping to empty your bladder more easily and fully.  If you (or your guests) ever don’t feel like squatting, your toilet can still be used as normal while your Poop Stoop is in place.


  Will I start pooping awesome right away?

Probably!  Most people begin pooping easier right away.  For others, it might take a few poops before their bodies adjust to the easier pooping position.


  Can kids use Poop Stoops?

They sure can!  Younger children should be supervised by an adult, especially when using a full-squat Poop Stoop.  Lower (partial-squat) model Poop Stoops can also be helpful for children whose feet don’t reach the floor while sitting.


  How much weight can a Poop Stoop hold?

Poop Stoops can hold several hundred pounds.  If you can climb onto a Poop Stoop, it will hold you.


  Will a Poop Stoop work with my toilet?

Low (partial-squat) Poop Stoops can be used with any standard toilet.  High Poop Stoops can be ordered in various heights and footrest styles to perfectly accommodate any toilet shape and anyone’s squatting style.


  How are Poop Stoops built?

After you order, a Poop Stoop is built to your exact specifications in model, height, finish, and other options.  Usually your Poop Stoop is finished and ready to ship within about 30 days.


  What finishes are available for Poop Stoops?

In addition to standard gloss white enamel, Poop Stoops are available in a variety of stains and finishes, including milk paint and tung oil (both from RealMilkPaint.com)  Poop Stoops can also be ordered unfinished, so you can apply your own personal paint, oil, or stain.


  Can I get a custom size/shape/finish/etc for my Poop Stoop?

You sure can.  Poop Stoops are available in a large variety of styles, but if you have a special need or request, we will work with you to come up with a Poop Stoop that will help you to poop your awesomest.