RimShot Cold-Water Bidet Attachment

RimShot Cold-Water Bidet Attachment

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You have a dirty butthole, and toilet paper is not the answer. A RimShot bidet can get your rear end clean enough to eat off of every time you sit on the toilet. A nice, cool blast of fresh water will get your booty clean and shiny.


DUAL RETRACTABLE NOZZLES - One mainly for front-junk, one more for rear-junk, but it’s all up to you.

AUTO NOZZLE WASH - Rinses any stray poop and pee off the nozzles automatically when the bidet is used.

ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE - Treat your backdoor to a gentle fountain or to a fire hose blast.

SLEEK TRIM STYLE - Your friends will envy your superior pooping accessories.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Satisfyingly clean butthole or your money back.

EASY INSTALLATION ON MOST TOILETS - Even the not-so-handy will find this installation easy, but don’t brag too much, or you’ll end up having to help all your friends with all their plumbing projects.



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