POOP STOOP Potty-Training Toilet Foot Stool

POOP STOOP Potty-Training Toilet Foot Stool

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This Poop Stoop can help young kids who are ready for toilet-training, but are still not tall enough to climb onto a normal toilet. It can also be used by older kids or adults as a normal low squat stool. The footrest platform is available in either eight inch or ten inch height, with a step that is half that height. Each step has a strip of vinyl grip-tape to give additional traction. The legs on each side extend above the footrest surface, acting as handles. This stool is approximately 20 inches wide and 14 inches from front to back. The indentation in the top platform allows the stool to slide somewhat under the toilet when not in use, though not as far as the standard low Poop Stoop does.

For protection from moisture and an all natural non-toxic finish, you can choose either pure or raw (dark) tung oil. Stools can also be ordered with enamel white paint.

This potty-training Poop Stoop stool arrives completely assembled and ready to use.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for construction, as each stool is individually built to order.

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