POOP STOOP Nesting Toilet Squat Stool Set

POOP STOOP Nesting Toilet Squat Stool Set

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The best of both squats. Not everyone poops the same. Sit or squat, it’s up to you!

This listing is for a set of two Poop Stoops which can be nested together, or used separately.

The larger stool is a standard high model full-squat Poop Stoop.  Measuring approximately 21” wide (53cm) and 15” (37cm) from front to back, and built from 3/4" birch plywood for strength and durability, this stool can help you to fully squat over a normal toilet.  The footrests have a very slight inward and forward tilt for stability. The smaller stool is a low (5") platform-style Poop Stoop. If desired, the toilet can still be used as normal while both Poop Stoops are in place.

For protection from moisture and an all natural non-toxic finish, you can choose either tung oil or white milk paint. Stools can also be ordered with a gloss white enamel finish.

Poop Stoops arrive disassembled, with all hardware included. Assembly is very easy, and requires only a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for construction, as each stool is individually built to order.

When choosing a height for a full-squat Poop Stoop, select a height similar to the height of your toilet rim, or slightly below.

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